Welcome to the Red Dragon Inn adventurer! Here you’ll find a variety people from the hard working smiths and soldiers finishing up work for the day to the street rat working in the kitchen or sweeping the floor to have food for the day. All are welcome that are willing to work or that have coin in their pocket.

As you look over your shoulder out the front windows of the Dragon, you see the typical view of ships docked and being loaded or unloaded. The town of Kendran is bustling with sea trade, industry and businesses. Although most do work, the mayor beats down the citizens with high taxes which he claims is for their own good. The money goes towards his personal guard as well as the city guard. Well, some of it does anyway. . . The rest can be seen in the form of a beautifully voluptuous lady at his side or a heated battle in the arena with the latest slaves and beings from distant lands.

Korath Kendran the 7th swears the tax funds are put to good use which is evidenced by the 20 years of strong defense from raiding parties. Not to say a few townsfolk haven’t been eaten by the grotesque cannibals or taken hostage by the inhuman war clan. Other than those few occasions, it has been peaceful. Its a struggle to put food on the table some days but it could be worse.

The Red Dragon Inn

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